The MUST are in red.

The sacred sculptures of Thailand

Hiram W Woodward, Jr.
The Alexander B. Griswold Collections River Books
Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 1999

Lao Buddha
Somkiart Lopetcharat
The Image And Its History
Siam International Book Company Limited
Bangkok, Thailand 2001

Thai Buddha Images
Somkiart Lopetcharat
Art & Antique Centre
River City Shopping Complex
Bangkok, Thailand 2001

Lanka Buddha
Somkiart Lopetcharat
Bangkok, Thailand 2001

Rattanakosin Buddha
Somkiart Lopetcharat
Antik Book
Bangkok, Thailand 1997

Things Thai
Tanista Danslip & Michael Freeman
Asia Book
Bangkok, 2002

Gestures of the Buddha, 
K I Matics, 
Chulalongkorn University Press 
Bangkok, 2001

Les symboles du Boudddhisme Tibétain,
Claude B Levenson
Paris, 1999

Burmese lacquerware
Sylvia Fraser-Lu
White orchid books
Bangkok 2000

Thai Collection
Association for the Propagation of Objects d' Art of Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand 1996

Burmese Buddhist Sculpture
Otto Karow
The Johan Möger Collection
White Lotus
Bangkok, Thailand 1991

John Falconer
Design & Architecture
Hong Kong 2000

Musée national des Arts asiatiques Guimet
Réunion des Musées Nationaux
Paris France 2001

The art of Tantra
Philip Rawson
Thames and Hudson
Singapore, 1973, 78, 95

Buddha, the intelligent heart
Alistair Shearer
Thames and Hudson
London, Singapore, 1992, 97

Living a life in accord with Dhamma, papers in honor of Professor Jean Boisselier
Silapakorn University
Bangkok, 1997

Reading Buddhist Art,
Meher Mac Arthur
Thames & Hudson
London, 2002

Ramayana in the Arts of Asia,
Garrett Kam
Asia Books
Singapore, 2000

Les Erotiques De L'Art
Ruth Westheimer
ABBE Mille Press
New York USA. 1993

Post Angkorian Buddha
Khun Samen
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2000

Magazine for collectors and connoisseurs of Asian Arts
Hong Kong 2001

Les statues du Buddha, la galerie de Phra Pathom Chedi
Khaisri Sri Aroon
Université de Silpakorn
Bangkok 2535, Thai calendar

Khmer art in reserve
P. Garnier, G Nafilyan, C Cres, J Nafilyan
Marseille 1997

Indian Mythology (India, Tibet and Sri Lanka)
Rachel Storm
Lorenz book
London, NYC, 2000

Asian Mythology (China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia)
Rachel Storm
Lorenz book
London, NYC, 2000

L'Olympe, Mythes et Civilisations
Editions de L'Olympe
France 1989

The Asian Art Museum of San Franciso,
Selected works
University of Washington press
San Francisco, 1994

Dictionnary of South & Southeast Asian Art,
G Chaturachinda, S Krishnamurty, P Tabtiang
Silkworm books
Bangkok, Chiang Mai, 1995, 2001


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